Here are some events, one-liners, and rememberances from the neighborhood. Hopefully this list is only the beginning! As I receive more I will add them. If you have anything you think would be a nice addition, just email it over to me. And now lets see just what the hell went on around here!

Oh yeah, remember.....

1) ....playing tackle football at Weissglass with no equipment on. Play after play, the same thing would happen! George McGuire who was quarterbacking for the Harbor Team would yell out "Hike". Then 2 seconds later get pummelled by 10 guys. Every friggin' play!

2) ....when Alan was about 10 years old. Ricky, Mike McAvoy, Joey Marsh, Joey Mondello & others were hangin' out at Ricky's house in the living room drinkin' some beers while Alan was in the basement watching TV. Mac walked over to the basement door, turned to Ricky and said "How are we gonna keep your brother from comin' up here, there's no lock on this door." Ricky says "Don't worry, I'll lock it!" He then walked over to the door, opened it, and yelled down these most informative words to Alan. "Alan, if you come up here I'll break your fucking skull!" He then turned back to Mac and said "There, it's locked!" Al waited for several hours to pass until he heard complete silence upstairs. He then made his way out of the basement, opened the door, and quietly tip-toed around the passed out bodies on the living room floor and made his way to his bedroom. He was like a young Indiana Jones.

3) ....doin' the Perkins shuffle! And speaking of Perkins.... remember when everyone was inside eating then Cary went outside and started peeing on the front window of the restaurant! Or how about busting Ronnies balls when he used to work there and having Susan Ranson and Denise Atillio as our waitresses. They were great were'nt they!

4) ....going to the Clove Lakes ice-skating rink on Saturday night and drinking pints of blackberry brandy & Southern Comfort. Then one weekend Al Sargente got into a fight with some guy who knew half of Staten Island.

5) ....setting up Roman Candles in Mrs. Shanley's hedges and watching them explode into her front screen door. Then Cary lit a bottlerocket from the brook and hit Mrs. Shanley in the forehead as she stood on her porch yelling at us. But best yet was when she grabbed a handful of the burnt out Roman Candles from the hedges and began chasing and wacking Cary over the head while calling him a baboon. Cary began running around like a baboon and making ape-like sounds as Mrs. Shanley continued on with her Roman Candle assult to the back of Cary's head!

6) ....Joey Marsh turning to Kenny Doherty who was playing the outfield during a softball game and saying "Kenny, come on in a little bit. Move in a little more. Come on in. Keep comin'. Now get in your car and get the fuck outta here will ya!" after kenny made a bad play.

7) ....playing tackle football at West Shore Little League. How no one could ever catch John Newman, or ever wanted to be tackled by Charlie Sullivan! One more set man, one more set! Where's "The Viking Helmet!"

8) ....when Joey Mondello was working at Silvestri's. Mike McAvoy and others were hangin' out in the Orchard next to the payphone. They were looking out the Orchard window across Forest Ave into the Silvestri's office as they kept calling and then hanging up just as Joey would reach for the phone. Everytime Joey walked out to pump some gas, Mike would start ringing the phone. And even though Sal Silvestri was sittng in that very same office, he never got out of his chair to answer the phone. It just kept ringing until Joey finished pumping and walked in to pick it up. That's when Mike hung up. This went on for over an hour. It got to the point where Joey actually ran over to the Dakota Diner in a frantic rage thinking that someone was standing in the lobby making the calls. The guys were rolling on the floor of the Orchard by now. Finally Joey took the phone off the hook. But not to be denied, Mac called
"the red" phone in the garage area and continued his onslaught. They then watched both Joey and Sal lose their minds and get totally pissed off. They had no idea the culprits were right across the street the whole time cracking up hysterically.

9) ....when we witnessed possibly the worst base-running ever as our eyes focused in on Jimmy Marsh rounding second base resembling a Vietnam Vet in the middle of a fire fight flashback.

10) ....all the parties down Cary's basement! Black Sabbath, Yes, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix & those hanging beads! Climbing in through the basement bathroom window was always a must! "Hey Rita, c'mon down here and try this thing!" How great were those nights!

11) ....going to the St. Rochs Bazaar and watching "Hot Ice" and "Civil Tongue" play on the stage towards the back of the bazaar.

12) ....hearing the hollow clang when the tennis ball hit the yellow aluminum for a homerun during stickball behind the school! Or anxiously watching the ball try to travel from wall to wall for a homerun. And how 'bout that sound that the softball made when someone smashed a screaming line drive into the side of one of the portables!

13) ....the Charlie Sullivan fence climbing fiasco's? How he ripped out a 3 inch chunk of inner leg meat while trying to hop Tommy Mondello's next door neighbor's 3 foot high fence. But even better was the time we were playing football on the Brown Field at West Shore Little League. Kevin Hooker's car kicked up dirt and gravel as it turned off Walker Street and entered the gate. He was there to chase everyone off the field. We all started climbing the fence to make our getaway. Charlie somehow got his pant leg caught on the top of the fence as his body made a crash landing on the blacktop.... chin first. We were already hiding in the cat tails before we even realized that Charlie was still hanging by his pant leg from the top of the fence while his bloodied chin was resting on the cold blacktop. Oh man it was just too funny!

14) ....THE AUTOMOBILES!!   Ricky's blue Chevy ---- Michael Baroz's gold Nova ---- Richie Skowronski's blue Toyota ---- Sal Zerbo's white Cougar ---- Pete Wicinski's gold Duster ---- Greg Percoco's big green Monte Carlo ---- Joey Mondello's blue Pontiac later to become Tommy Mondello's "Doors Mobile" ---- Gregg Ponciano's blue Camaro ---- Cary's red Pontiac "with the reverse spoiler" ---- Kenny Doherty's blue Ford Fairlane "Ole' reliable!" ---- Joey Marsh's rust colored Nova ----

15) ....playing baseball for hours on end down at Weissglass ball field! How we played John Pollander's gang "The Polly Games". Then we'd run across Forest Ave to the Weissglass Dairy truck depot for a sip of the coldest water in the world from that old silver, half-rusted, water fountain. "You could do it, I can do it, we all can do it!"

16) ....when 4 of us (and you know who you are!) just happened to borrow 2 school buses that were parked in Silvestri's gas station. "You steer, and i'll change gears!"

17) ....that time Joey Marsh & Mike McAvoy were in Joey's car heading to the ferry. They both worked in the city and always took the ferry on days when the Orchard had a game. Well on this particular morning they were running late. Joey pulled the car down the ramp and sped towards the parking lot. When out of nowhere an old guy steps out in front of the car causing Joey to come to a stop. The guy yelled out "LOT'S FULL!" Then Joey replied  "Move outta the way and let me see!" The guy said "NO!" Joey confidently responded with "YOU EVER BEEN RUN OVER!" The old guy fired back with "NO!! YOU EVER BEEN SHOT!" Mac & Joey just looked at one another, then turned towards the old guy and said "YOU WIN!" And of course they were late for work again!

18) ....the Bryan Baroz "Piss arc in the woods!" Or how about his blowout send off at Willowbrook Park right before he left for the Marine Corp! I remember throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the fire we had going. Oh, and of course the fact that Bryan somehow ended up with no clothes on and Kenny Doherty had to drive him home! It was a great party!

18) ....that no matter when you were in Ronnies house,  you could always count on the fact that there was a box a "Nilla Waffers" close by!

19) ....when Jimmy Ladley hit Cary in the eye with a baseball at West Shore Little League.

20) ....always being afraid of Mr. Dorans.

21) ....Mrs. Dorans' chocolate chip cookies.

22) ....the collision that Carl Jost & Pete Wicinski had on the opening kickoff to one of the many Neatherland / VanName -VS- Simonson tackle football games at the Gas House. This was the game that John Nerlino lost his gold chain and Ricky ripped the Simonson Ave sign off the pole and tossed it onto the field because he was mad that he couldn't play and had to go to work.

23) ....the day that Jeff Skonieczny pulled a muscle getting out of the car BEFORE we even played football in front of the mall. Someone also got wailed in the nutz on one of the kickoff's but I can't remember who!

24) ....playing softball behind the school when Kevin Keegan would proclaim that... "This one doesn't count!" ... prior to launching line-drive rockets over the right field fence into the houses across the street.

25) ....when Ronnie barrowed a brand new, never been worn before sports jacket from Gregg Ponciano........and had it altered! Obviously Gregg is still waiting to get the jacket back.

25a) .... when Ronnie returned to the scene of the crime over 20 years later to attend Gregg's 42nd birthday. Ronnie actually wrapped up the borrowed... altered... and now completely out of style sports jacket... and gave it to Gregg for a birthday present. It truly doesn't get any better than this folks... This story will go down in history as one of the greatest neighborhood tales of all time. When Gregg opened that box and saw the jacket... we all just exploded with laughter... it was just a moment in our lives that we will never forget. Ronnie... your act of pure selfishness and complete lack of respect toward your friend has given us all so many years of hearty laughter... and we would all just like to say... thank you... thank you... thank you!     Check it out for yourselves... Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4

26) ....the time Joey Marsh & Mike McAvoy met for lunch while they were both working up the city. Joey needed a specific part to repair his watch. So they both walked over to Nassau Street where they remembered seeing this sign that read "Watch Repairs". They walked in the door, took the elevator up 4 floors, and cautiously followed the repair signs until they reached a door. They knocked and a voice from behind the the door echoed "Come in". By now they both knew that they wouldn't be walking into "Saks 5th Ave." When they opened the door, there was a guy sitting in a closet, surrounded by every fucking piece of time keeping equipment known to man.....except of course for the one piece that Joey needed! The man apologized for their disappointment, then Joey said "It's ok! Thanks for your TIME!"

27) ....hanging out at the VanName brook when Mark Ransom bought all of that McDonald's food!

28) ....Frank Nasco drove his car into the VanName Brook next to Powell's house.

29) ....Ricky struck out looking in an Orchard Inn softball game then disgustingly turned to the umpire and wailed out "Arrr, c' mon ump!"

30) ....Joey Mondello hit brother Tommy in the head with a football during a "Masters Game" on Simonson Ave 'cause Tommy wouldn't stop cursing. Tommy was storming off the field after quiting and was more than 2 pole lengths away as the ball made contact!

31) ....Michael Baroz, Cary Gradante, Tommy Mondello and others playing football in "The Plaza" parking lot after working all night at Berardies Pizzeria.

32) ....Charlie Sullivan accidentally hit Pete Wicinski in the mouth with a metal cap gun and busted up his lip and teeth. Then while we were all hanging out down the street from Charlie's house, we saw Pete come running out of "The Alley" full steam ahead yelling out Charlie's name. As Pete got closer, Charlie's name got louder. We all agreed that Charlie should not hesitate any longer, and to get the hell outta Dodge! Next, Charlie's older sister Diane showed up and put out all the fires! "Guys, whatta ya think, should I run?"------ "CHARLIE I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" ------ "Yes Charl, we think you should run!"

33) ....sleigh riding at the Country Club Golf Course on Todt Hill. Dragging that gigantic car hood up that hill all night. Then Joey Mondello picked up a little too much speed down the hill on one ride and went flying throught the air and came to a landing in the stream.

34) ....hanging out at the VanName brook and Margret dropped Gregg Ponciano's 8-track tape player into the brook while it was playing RUSH'S "2112".

35) ....when Joey Marsh said "Lacky-daisy" instead of "Lackadaisical".

36) ....playing baseball in the senior league at West Shore. Ricky was the coach of the "Green Team". Ricky had a unique way of giving the signs while he was standing in the third base coaches box. If he wanted the runner on firstbase to steal, he would just yell out "Billy, next pitch, STEAL!" It was a beautiful thing!

37) ....yet another great Ricky / West Shore moment. Remember Ricky was coaching a game on the "Brown Field" and got ejected from the game while coaching from the third base dugout. Ricky says that it was his brother Greg that mumbled the words that set the ump off. After the ump ejected Ricky from the game, he then walked out to a tree just beyond the left field fence and climbed it. He then began to heckle the umpire's from that perch until he was finally ejected from the field completely. You just can't make this stuff up folks. Brilliant, simply brilliant!

38) ....Michael Baroz got hit by a taxi cab outside Madison Square Garden on the way to see Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Then after bumping into Mr. Gallo on the subway stairs, actually met the band behind the stage while waiting for medical attention.

39) ....Cary told Charlie Sullivan that he would complete his paper route while Charlie was on vacation. Then proceeded to toss the papers in the woods behind his house. Charlie got back from vacation and was so pissed because all his customers were complaining that they hadn't received a paper in a week! I think they're still in the woods Charl!

40) ....Jimmy Marsh lost his car in the cat tails on an exit off the West Shore Expressway in Travis. Now that's a good night of partying!

41) ....Ricky threw a bat at Cary while we were playing baseball at Weisglass ball field and broke his arm. Then once Cary cried out in pain and began cursing Ricky, Ricky turned around and said "Arrrr SHUT UP! You're lucky, I was aiming for your HEAD!"

42) ....the day that Sal Zerbo dropped his ailing car off in front of Michael Baroz's house (our neighborhood mechanic) Then explained to Mrs. Baroz what the symptoms were, and told her to inform Michael of them when he got home. And that he would pickup the car later in the day. Michael just laughed and said "What the fuck is this, Sears auto repair shop! Fuck" (I'll have to double check with Mike on his response. I'm not 100% sure on that. But it was is that ballpark!)

43) ....driving around in that gigantic "Ricky" station wagon collecting dried out Christmas trees along with a green plastic garbage pail with the number "10" painted on it's side. Then driving the trees over to Weissglass ball field. Piling the trees up high on top of homeplate and then setting them on fire. In an instant the flames shot 30 feet into the air and then burnt out just as quickly. Oh yeah, the garbage pail. I do believe if you check along side the gallo's house, you'll find that number "10" starring you right in the face!

44) ....when Joey Marsh started up a window cleaning business called "J & R Windows". For a certain amount of money he would clean your windows inside and out as well as re-caulk any problem windows. Well, Greg & Jeff Perosi both realized that Joey was in over his head when they read one of the business cards that Joey had printed up. It read "J & R Windows and Corking". Now that's.... Lacky-daisy!!!

45) ....going to Philadelphia for "Live Aid in 1985". How cool was that! Black Sabbath came on at 10 o'clock in the morning! Simply awesome! Thanx to Greg Percoco for talking me into going and getting the ticket! "Face the melon!"

46) ....the guys in charge of setting up Ronnie's surprise party at his house gave the chore of keeping Ronnie busy for the day to Tommy Mondello and Joey Marsh. Who then proceeded to drive around Staten Island in a drunken stupor for 5 hours while feeding Ronnie endless bottles of Heineken regular and Dark until Ronnie turned green, threw his guts up, and then passed out just as they pulled up to the house for the big surprise. To show they're disgust, everyone at the party threw ice cubes at Tommy and Joey for the remainder of the night.

47) ....the Quarry1... 2 ---- the brook(VanName) ---- P.S.22 ---- the Orchard ---- the brook(VanPelt) ---- the Carrier ---- the Factory ---- Snoopy's ---- the Rock Palace (Remember Condor every Sunday night!!) ---- the Fountain Casino ---- the Birchhill Nightclub --- the Stone Pony ---- the Colonel's Garter ---- the Caves ---- Harbor Lights ---- Anthony's ---- Jack In The Box ---- Wetsons ---- the Sit-N-Shop ---- Silvestri's ---- Weissglass Ballfield ---- Wave Street ---- P.S.21 ---- the Choir Loft ---- the Park Villa ---- the Century Inn ---- Herb & LLoyd's ---- Pop's ---- Jerry Lewis Theater ---- Major's Department store ---- Knotty Pines Bowling alley ---- Willowbrook Park ---- the Slide ---- and now, Nansan's Park ---- the Point Pleasant days ---- the Moulin Rouge ---- Frank-n-Steins ---- Smiling Sunny's Toys ---- Peking Gardens (Zombies & Mai Tai's for days!  Steve always bought back every 3rd round. That first step off the stool was always the best!) ---- the Grove ---- Doherty's ---- the Lane Theater ---- the St. George Theater ---- the Paramount Theater ---- Nedick's (Need help with spelling) ---- the Record Baron ---- the Courtyard ---- Jody's ---- 666's ---- the Bridge Tavern ---- McGhetigans ---- Cuccinello's Pizzeria ---- racketball (corner of Simonson & Forest) ---- Coca Cola depot ---- Parisi's deli ---- Kent's East ---- Shults' corner store ---- M&M deli ---- Herberton deli (cheapest Heineken's on Staten Island!) ---- Blaine's ----L'amours ---- West Shore Little League ---- Mid-Island Babe Ruth League ---- Greendales auto repair ---- Russo's Garage ---- Barry's Luau (can you say meow!) ---- Berardies Pizzeria ---- The Rock (walking to PR high school) ---- the Playpen Lounge ---- Bun-N-Burger ---- Lum Chin Inn ---- Zinicola Bakery ---- Eddies Gulf station ---- Piazza's Bakery ---- Carnie's liqour store ---- the Blue Goose ---- Bukovac's ---- Cichon Post ---- Scotty Watty's deli (corner of Houston & VanName) ---- Tim the ice-cream guy ---- the 4 o'clock Lounge ---- Silver Lake ice skating rink (pints of blackberry brandy & southern comfort) ---- TT Quick ---- Big Richard ---- Twisted Sister ---- White Tiger ---- Crystal Ship ---- The Soft Parade ---- Flossie ---- Baby Blue ---- Phantoms Opera ---- Salvation ---- Condor (every Sunday at the Rock Palace!!) ---- Prophet ---- Edgar Cayce ---- Sticky Fingers ----

48) ....when everyone slepted over Tommy Mondello's house the night before the Point Pleasant weekend. Greg Percoco & Ronnie made some kind of soup slop with anything and everything from the freezer. (it actually didn't taste that bad!) Sal Zerbo fell asleep in the corner pocket of the pool table and best yet was when Thomas Baroz dared Cary to shit in his sneaker. Cary walked into the laundry room with Thomas' sneaker and returned moments later with a perfectly placed log within Thomas' sneaker! (again, you just can't make this stuff up!)

49) ....hanging out down Greg Percoco's basement during parties while Mrs. Percoco was wacking our feet and legs with the vacuum cleaner!

50) ....all the nights playing Strat-o-matic!

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