++++  March 5, 2011

Hey everyone....

It's tommy... just wanted to say hi...

It's been a while since we've seen one another! Maybe this spring/summer we'll change that...

Hope this hello finds everyone in good spirits and as healthy as one can be! Since I turned 50 this past January... I'm suddenly hearing joints popping and cracking... LoLoLoL... hopefully nothing else crops up! I still wanna get some golf in now 'n then!!

Enjoy the upcoming seasons...


++++  August 19, 2002

No date or event will ever stop us from coming together and being brothers, sisters, families, and friends! It's going to be a very very tought week for us all to get through. That's all the more reason to get out and be with friends and family! Not to forget, but to REMEMBER!!

Jim Morrison said it best.....

I'm proud to be a part of this number.......

++++ September 19, 2001

I want to thank everyone who donated money to help out our friends!
I've collected $1500.00 and will be donating $500.00 each to the McAvoy, Ladley and Fumando families next week. I know money will never ease the pain of what happened... but the thoughtfulness behind it

Thankyou for giving.....

John & Christie Fewer
Donald & Cathy Fewer
Mike Fewer
Joey & Angela Mondello
Mike & Dawn Mondello
Cary Gradante
Kenny & Michele Doherty
Mark & Mary Perosi
John & Elise Civale
Louis & Delia Vallecillo
Jeff & Debbie Skonieczny
Pete & Denise Gutheil
Jimmy & Marge Besigiano
Brian & Laura Jensen
Tommy & Lynn Mondello

++++ October 6, 2000
    I just picked up the group photo yesterday and it's really cool!  I can't believe how clear it is. If anyone wants to purchase a copy you can go to Arden Studios @ 332 New Dorp Lane.  Ask for photo #  8992.  The phone # is 718-987-0022